Chit Chat

The time I had a little bit of sanity!

Hello friends!

I am at my wits end..Let me give you a clear perspective on my situation.

Early this morning our friend with the little red dress came to visit. Bringing with her a butt load of cramps and headache. I did manage to do my two loads of laundry, iron them, clean up the house, cook  while playing cops and robbers and puzzles with my two toddlers.

I managed to even do few errands before the evening, with my little one who will be two in November this year. I managed to put supper up for the hubster.

Our little boy, he will be spending the evening at his daadi’s (grandma)  house. So one would think mom will get an early night in. Oh no, little madam decided to go full on rebellion with mom, climbing up the chest of drawers even though mom done everything “the book” says… The stern no, the distraction, the time out… Nothing worked.. I screamed the loudest I could conjour and it didnt help in the least…I just broke down.

Day in and out with this little one and I feel as if i am getting no where.
If I could I would go up the highest mountain and just scream for days. Recently we been having the problem of little missy not wanting to sleep in her cot. So you can imagine what I am all about, completely and utterly spent. And I get to do this all day tomorrow.

She finally gave in to the sleep, tucked in her warm cot. Let’s pray it is for the entire evening.

As for me, I need advil and a huge bowl of ice cream.

Thanks for Reading,
With love and a lil bit of sanity left, I bid you a good night



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