Routines & Schedules

10 Ways to being Productive…

Hi Friends!

I’m writing this piece today because I would like to share with you ways that I am able to stay productive even on days where I’m feeling tired, cranky, and not motivated.

Sometimes, you just have to buckle down and tell yourself to quit making excuses. There are deadlines to meet and things to accomplish. Here they are:

1.Be excited about the final outcome

2.Get in the zone

3. Give yourself a break

4. Caffeine is gold, whether it be a cuppa Joe or green tea

5. Workout in the morning

6. Realistic goals

7. Have a friend to hold you accountable

8.Keep a routine

9. Manage your time well

10. Leave motivational messages

There you go, 10 not so easy tips but hella worth it in the end


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