Happiness is… 

Happiness is after 24 hours of my little dolly having a fever and having to be Mommy on this fine saturday,  with only four hours of sleep,  my Mother In Law sent me a peg bag she purchased at a flea market. And I am over the moon!! I always wanted one. Its convenient,  neat and organised. It made my night.  Such a practical,  thoughtful gift. 
It’s in the small things you find appreciation for that makes your life trully blissful. I appreciate it and cannot wait to use it.  Lol ‘baar’ as we call it in South Africa (really really excited to use it that i will go and make a load of washing).
Happiness is in the small things ❤ And also the fact that dolly’s fever broke. She is back to her normal ever so busy routine of climbing the couches and going in our fdidge lol,  troubling her brother and playing with her toys. 

I trully am grateful tonight❤
Lots of love friends, 


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