Routines & Schedules

Zone Cleaning

I came across a website called TheFlyLady. It’s a brilliant website for moms, housewives and homemakers. Especially if you have anxiety and feel lost and can’t seem to manage the daily tasks of cooking, cleaning, looking after the kids, seeing to the Hubster as well as all things in the home. She helps you manage your time, helps you incorporate routines in your daily lives. I have found it most helpful and wished I came across it sooner.
Basically, zone cleaning is dividing your home into four to five zones, depending how big/small is your home. With that, you have each zone for each week of the month. With zone cleaning you focus on decluttering each zone. Each time you do a zone you either focus on polishing, dusting, things you don’t get to do in your daily routine.
I been doing it for the past two weeks and it really does help keep sane lol

Hope you have a lovely, successful and productive week ahead💞

Warm regards friends



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