Sleepy Mommy

So let us start with last night shall we?  Zakariyya went to bed fairly early,  around 20H30 he was KO.  Now the dolly on the other hand.  She fell asleep around something to 23H00.
Already exhausted from the day,  with it being tuesday and I had work.  Not to mention the evening routine that had me guttered. So me being on social media to keep me up in the first place,  I was now wide awake and only slept around pass one (I know,  bad move on my part).  I thought I had about 6 hours till the kids woke up and not having to read fajr I was excited lol. 
Lets just say both these kidos woke up around 6H00 this morning.  And wide awake might I add.  That wide awake where I should have breakfast ready asap and mommy needs to be out of bed kind awake. 
Relectantly,  I eventually started my morning routine as I made them breakfast,  got them done.  I even baked some of my butter biscuits (Recipe post is up on my blog too). 
At around 10H00 Zainab decides to sleep,  which I didnt mind.  Zakariyya however didnt sleep so I couldn’t take a nap. 
Needless to say,  she slept for an hour,  woke at 11H00 and been playing since.  Now for the first time in history,  she is busy taking her 2nd nap!!  Thats two naps for the day,  2!!! 

I’m scared to move as to wake her lol you moms know what a victory this is!!  Yay lol
However sweet sweet bliss this is,  I still cannot take a nap,  Zakariyya is not sleepy,  so its playing spiderman on the PC for us (spiderman?  PC?  four year old?  Yes ladies,  my four year old is playing PC games,  better yet,  showing me how to play!  Lol,  a blog post about that will be up soon too). 
Well,  thats all folks…. For now lol


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