Kids Shenanigans

The Era of the Techno Gadgets

With todays era being all about technology.  Our kids are bound to be playing with a tablet or phone sooner or later. 
My son,  Zakariyya is quite fond of the gadgets and it amazes me how he plays and works through each gadget without trouble. 
His favourites at the moment are Mine Craft,  Sonic and recently has taken a liking to Spider-Man.  He plays on the PSP too, when his bored of the PC. His also a huge fan of YouTube and watches people play five nights of freddy,  Mine Craft amoung other videos. 
His four! Age of technology hey…
I personally don’t see the harm in playing as long as its monitored.  And het I also have something to bribe him with if I need things done or as a distraction… For now lol


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