Routines & Schedules


Laundry is my least favorite chore.  Expecially when there extra loads todo.  Just prolongs this inevitable thing on my todo list.  I dont have a dryer (which I am sure will make life easy), so it is hanging the washing on the line for me.  Extra excersise lol and not to mention the ironing afterwards.  Then to pack it away,  lets just conclude that I loath washing. 

Least to say I procrastinated and went surfing the net when I came across a video on YouTube, by Kimmy,  She’s in her apron (totes recommend you to check her out), she explained by doing a load a day has helped her tremendously.  So ladies, my goal for this week is to wash a load a day!  We can do this!! 

Pic courtesy of Organised Simplicity on instagram. And lets just say ‘laundry room goals right there’  !!


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