Motivation – Some Tough Love

Assalamu alaykum (Peace and Blessings) My Dear Moms, 

Did you have a good weekend?  We did. 
 It was busy and with the lovely weather we experiencing here in Johannesburg, South Africa,  it has been really hot.  Not to complain,  I do prefer Summer over Winter. 

Kids enjoyed themselves,  a treat for hubby and unexpected few turns.  That is just how the weekend goes. 
Really hope you had a lovley weekend. 

Anyway, I had been thinking of starting a segment where I write something motivational for the week ahead,  something to reflect on and hopefully impact our lives positively. I’m typing this at 11pm as my lg is watching ‘Inside Out’…  With the heat we been experiencing she has been taking unexpected naps and now wont sleep on time (lol #momlife) 

(Picture is from Pinterest) 

I came across this picture and it is as if a blinker has been taken away from my eyes.  Like seriously?!  How often do we as moms try and please other people. Whether it be a well wishers advice or pressure from someone you dont really see eye to eye. We try and keep up with the trends,  we feel as if we don’t do enough or feel bad when we too tired todo something.  Why?!… We living our best life,  we are puting the needs of our kids first and we are getting up and just keep on swimming ( dorys advice pays off hey lol).

We should stop and just breath,  do what feels right for you and just keep on moving.  Breath.  And carry on.  I Feel we put alot of unnecessary stress on ourselves and our family suffers.
Tough love ladies.  Keep moving and trully  we do not have to set ourselves on fire to keep other people warm! 
Lots of love and well wishes for the coming week. 

Ma’asalamah (farewell)  Dear Friends


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