Saving water in the Kitchen! 

It is all over the news,  social media and in conversation amoung friends.  The water crisis we face in South Africa.  Why I say crisis?  ( so melodramatic)  because our government wants to do water shedding… 

Now as a mom at home,  cannot imagine water shedding.  I have two toddlers,  they get messy so gotta bath them.  Oh and not to mention the dishes that seem to be even more. 

So in order to save water and find myself not adding to the water strain,  I went in search of tips for the kitchen and came across 5 from the website ‘’:

• Use your dishwasher
• Wash pots in soap and water instead of rinsing it over a running tap
• Have a bottle to refill instead of using many glases
• Wash fruits and vegies in a pot instead of rinsing over the tap.  Also,  defrost meat in the frindge instead of runninv the tap over it. 
• If ice cubes fall by accident,  instead of throwing them in the sink put them in your pot plants adound the house
Pic source: Pinterest


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