Get on board! #EveryDropCounts

So let’s talk water.  This week has been a huge eye opener for me.  I am a stay at home mom,  looking after the kids and home. I didnt realize just how much water I actually use.  The washing,  the dishes,  wiping down,  cleaning counters and floors.  To how much we actually drink. To bathing the kids and showering. 

With the drought we are experiencing in South Africa and with the almost water restrictions, it has me thinking on just how fortunate we are.  In the Southern part of Africa,  we are definitely fortunate with having clean drinkable water at our fingertips. 

Four days out of this five day week we experienced slow pressure water to no water at all.  Luckily,  for our local Musjid that runs on bore hole water,  we were able to get and I think some people won’t have access to bore hole water. 

I don’t think our municipality wants to cut our water down,  I think it is out of their hands really.  It is up to us as consumers to be mindful of wasting and use the tips provided to keep our usage to a minimal which in return will help our fellow community members. 

So try and cut down atleast 15% of water usage and bring awareness to all by using the hashtag #EveryDropCounts (introduced by Radio Islam) 

It is up to us!  We have to be mindful and concederate. 


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