Sunday Motivation

Give Yourself Credit! 

Happy Sunday All!!  

Hope you had a wonderful and productive week! I think we should use Sunday to reflect over the past week instead of fretting over the week to come. 

I love Sundays.  Its a day of rest and breakfast with everyone including hubby.  We get to go for drives with no purpose really,  just go and do as we see the day unfold.  Its a day where we can set out new goals for the coming week. To start a fresh and re-organise your mind. 

Yesturday I caught myself done with chores and sorting the kids by noon giving me 2 hours to leisure till hubby got home from work and I thought to myself have I done everything?  Shouldn’t I be doing something…Then I realised that only a year ago I was so busy didn’t have time to relax.  I had a 3yr old toddler with a one yr old and didnt know my left from right. And the year before that I had a new born with a 2 yr old toddler and had so many fears.  And now look!  

I am ontop of things,  well most of the time now.  My house is neat and cleaned daily by myself.  I’ve been baking and cooking more dishes.  I get so much more time with the kids,  utterly enjoying them. 

It got me noticing about all the other things I’ve achieved without noticing. The things that nobody gives you a certificate or a ‘hooray’ for. The non-tangible,  abstract bits of life that you either nail or flop at. You have to really think about if,  but you’ll find them. 

In the last 12 months I have done a lot of things I’m proud of that I didn’t notice before. I have nailed my morning and night routine that helps me with a productive day. I have nailed the load of laundry a day challenge,  I iron and pack away the said load that very same day. My anxiety is better managed.  I have a blog now that I am quite excited about. The home is quite tidy and bath routines are on point. Good for me.  I have done pretty well. It doesn’t deserve a huge Hi 5 just to acknowledge that progress is made. Think of things you completely bossed at this past year and give yourself a tap on the back coz you so deserve it!! 

I do have a ton of goals that I flop at but hey,  persistance is key right?  And one day I will achieve them. 

So don’t be so hard on yourself 😘 you doing the best you can sweety!
(Credit: Pic from Pinterest)


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