Chit Chat

Done and Dusted… 

After not posting this entire week it feels as if the weekend is actually the start to my week and the three days in the week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) is like a weekend…. Sort of.. 

The kids are well,  Zainab is sort of sleeping ealier… Like around 10… Progress right??  Lol It seems as thou the 15 min power nap seems fo be helping. 

Onto the weather…  Oh em gee!! The flash floods that we have experienced this week has been frightening.  We all should pray for beneficial rain.  My prayers go out to all the families affected and  my condolences to the families that lost loved ones. 
And Mr Trump is president Elect…. Well the American people have spoken! 

On another note,  shining my sink at nighf has done wonders for my routine.  I feel organized and what a good feeling in the morning.  Go check out the fly lady,  she has so many tips up her sleeve!! 

I do have a very long todo list for tomorrow.  Well,  I gotta love and leave you friends.  Hope you had a wonderful week and have an awesome weekend!! 

Chat soon



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