Jump! Jump!.. and Jump? 

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Johannesburg!  It hasn’t rained yet as predicted by my phone but hey,  enjoying the sun and wind simultaneously. 

We decided to take the kids out,  get their energy out the door,  like literally.  So we took them to iJump in Weltervreden,  just behind Makro.  The kids love it there.  Take them an hour and just let them jump away. 

However,  this time,  our lil Zakariyya refused to go,  wouldn’t put on his sock,  was so shy and literally clinging onto me.  His four,  has been to iJump so many times since they opened this side.  It was odd… 

Anyhu,  Zainab was game and went in at the first chance she got.  Zakariyya on the other hand,  sat down and wanted popcorn and slushy. 

While sitting with him in the eating area I looked around and saw so many mommys (like duh,  place for kids,  moms gotta be there too). No but I seen a mom shouting her toddler for the same reason I was upset earlier with my own toddler,,,  they just don’t listen and insist things should go their way – I know experienced moms,  I see you roll your eyes at me… Lol it still boggles my mind.  I seen another mom with her older kid,  putting her straight for being rude infront of her friends and I saw another mom trying to figure out why her son was upset. 

So I guess I’m not the only mom who just wants to ball her eyes out every now and then… 

After being 45 minutes there and only 15 min to go for our session my son decides he does want to jump.  The ladies in my head are like screaming ( since watching inside out lol a new perspective)…. Like whhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy

So he goes,  and 15 minutes are up and it is time to go…. Surprisingly he didn’t fight.  So kudos to mom!  Lol

We grabbed lunch afterwards and now it is time for yumm (ice cream)  and a storm is brewing,  good thing we came earlier! 

Thanks for reading and chat soon! 


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