Selfcare is not Selfish ☕

Even if you have never flown before,  I am sure you are aware of the flight attendants speech before take off.  They tell you incase of an emergency,  put your own facemark on before anyone elses. We all seem to understand their logic. How can we help others if we can’t breathe? 

Well the same goes for our daily life. You have to make sure you are well and healthy before you can look after others. 

We are quick to feel empathy for others, if we hear of any chronic diseases. Check up on them and give advice.Yet we ignore our own body when it tells us to slow down and just carry on with our responsibilities as Mom. 

Now for a moment, let us think, would we advise our friends to look after themselves the way we look after ourself? Maybe you better at this than I am.  Self care and self acceptance is something that I have to work on everyday.  I do tend to forget about myself and more often than not,  I do feel guilty. 

Rather, we should in a positive voice remind ourselves we are loved,  we are beautiful and we are worthy of love. 

I have collected 5 tips on how to go about self love,  self pamper and self acceptance.  Do this everyday and there will definitely be a change in your mood and inturn a positive change attitude. 

1. Read quraan.  Do some sort of spiritual upliftment.  Ponder over the bigger picture

2. Be thankful for your body.  Be grateful for all the functions it can do

3. Surround yourself with positive people

4. Excersise and Eat Healthy 

5. Do something for you each day.  Whether it be a pamper session or reading book.  Do it for you! 

Hope this helps ladies.  I do wish you well and hope you have an awesome weekend!! 


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