Healthy Living

Healthy Living! 

Weight is a huge part of most of our lives.  It determines our self esteem and might stem from different things.  You could have this problem since childhood or experienced it since a pregnancy. 

Its hard when your main thoughts revolve around ‘im so fat’ ‘ppl can notice ‘ you disgusting ‘. We are our worst critics but we also can be our best and num 1 supporter .

I am in no way a health advisor,  this series will just be about me and my experience.  I refuse to let this get me down and I refuse to conform to the words ‘its in your genes’. Being unhealthy is not ok,  especially when you have kids looking up to you. 

So here we go,  lol…. Let us choose healthy day by day.  Make better choices for our bodies so we may be strong for our kids. 
Chat again soon!


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