Chit Chat

The time, time flew!! 

Oh hey there!  So a whole week has past hey,,  time waits for no man.  This week has been busy.  I had a bug that came out of nowhere on Thursday and luckily for me it was only 24hrs. 

The weekend has been fun as always,  hunting down places go take the kids. 

 Saturday we chose Clearwater Mall as I needed to get a few things from Game that was on special,  kill two birds with one stone kinda deal.  Kids had fun at the rides and is always up for some ice cream at Milky Lane.

Today enjoyed Lunch and games at Panarottis.  I also bought Zainab her very first alphabet puzzle,,  omg my baby is growing up so fast.  Can you believe it next week she will be two ❤

I just sat this weekend looking at the kids and how fast they growing up,  the little personalities that are forming.  All we can hope is they turn out good decent human beings.  

We gotta take time mommas and just appreciate our blessings.  Tomorrow’s challenges can wait. 

Anyhu,  hope you have a wonderful and productive and happy week. 
Lots love and happiness


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