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The time we spent the weekend camping!! 

Hi Friends! 
This past weekend went by so fast.  It was so much fun.  We took the kids to BelaBela Warmbaths Resort for the weekend with Daadi and Daada and my lil sister Radia. 

We left Johannesburg around 6:00 am Friday morning.  We arrived around half 10 or so,  we met up with some traffic on the way. We set up and we were set for camping the weekend!  
I was first introduced to camping when we got married,  my inlaws are huge campers and its so much fun!  I really enjoy it with them. 
A storm set in, it was wonderful.  I really enjoyed it. Enjoying nature and all its moods, Alhamdulillah. 
We took the kids swimming before another storm set in. We made a camp fire and enjoyed the evening with tea and great conversation.

There was a storm that went through the night and it was cold but luckily I pack more than I should lol.  So we all were snug as a bug. 

Saturday was beautiful,  we had lovely weather that Bela Bela could offer.  We had fun fishing,  visiting the ski barn where hubster and lil sis gave it there epic best! 

We enjoyed the exclusivity of the Hydro,  the kids enjoyed it aswell.  We ended the day off with a classic braai and just chilled. 

Can I just say that this is one of the best ski barns in South Africa.  If you were to visit here make sure you come to Warmbaths Forever Resort(lol this is not sponsored,  I just really enjoy the time we have here). 

Sunday we packed up early and just enjoyed the pools with the kids and the ski barn.  Couldn’t have ended the weekend better. 
It is always sad to leave,  but will definitely be back soon! 
Faaiza Daya


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