Routines & Schedules

Tips on Time Management!! 

It has been a while since I wrote about time management. I have always had certain traits since I was in school that helped me grow my time management skill. It was when I started working that I had realised my diary entries and to do list’s that I had realised it is a skill. I, you could say, became obsessed with it. I use it in all facets of life.

I have summed up a few tips that might help you with time management:

  • Declutter – Your life, your house, your car, your phone and your office. let the positive energy flow through
  • Plan your day – Make your schedule suite your requirements
  • Prioritize – This is important, prioritize your work. whether it be at home or in the office
  • Be effective and focus – Really focus on what you set out to do and do not give up or get distracted
  • Stay organised – don’t let chaos seep in
  • Be proud and grateful of what you achieved

And don’t forget, you got this! I came across a quote by Michel Altshutler – “The bad news is Time Flies, the good news is You’re the pilot”  Remember that! 


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