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The time Zainab turned two!

Hi Friends, 
On Monday,  the day arrived.  Our little dolly turned two.  It is crazy how time flies.  Just the other day we were preparing our home for another baby. I remembered how scared I was,  how would I divide my love.  How would I manage with house work,  work and raising two kids. 

I have been extremely blessed to have my mother in law and hubby in my life.  They have been my rock,  pillar of strength and been in my corner since day one.  I would probably have gone off my rocker by now if I had not have them in my life. 

Big brother was most excited for Zaynee’s birthday. Giving her attention,  hugs and kisses galore.  Normally he has his moods of fighting with her and then giving her loads attention.  They can be so cute together. 

People always tell me what a lovely gap between the two (2 yrs)  and i am here like,  lovely for who?!  Lol

It gets crazy at times but that comes with the loads cutness and caring for each other,  not to mention the amount of cuddles and kisses i get!! 

I am trully blessed and give thanks daily for my little family.  I am excited to live our best life together. 

Thanks for reading!! 

Lots of love, 


4 thoughts on “The time Zainab turned two!

  1. 23 months between my girls. It is hard! First few months were okay but the past 3 years have been tough! Chin up, it gets easier… apparently. I’m still waiting! 3 & 5! 🙈

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