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5 ways to maintain a clean home… 

Hi Friends, 

So don’t we hate it when we work and work and work at cleaning our homes and in about 10 minutes or less is can be worse than before?  Well I get you gurl,  I am a mom of two toddlers,  which means I spend most of my day entertaining the kids and cleaning the home. 

I have 5 tips that really helps me maintain the chaos from getting overwhelming.  I just take a min or two to speed through the home and make sure I do these 5 things (still wish I had superpowers like the flash).

These really help me and I do hope they help you too. 
1) Put all the minions away.  I say minions because they are nasty lil things that want to cause chaos in my home.  Just scan through each room and if something is out of place just put it back where it belongs.  

2) Keep my counters clear of clutter.  The moment there are things on any of the surfaces of the house,  I give them homes if they donot already have one. 

3) Sweep up the floors.  You would not believe how clean a place could look with just a sweep! 

4) Shiney Sink.  This is such a life saver and overall makes the kitchen look so clean and tidy. The trick is to never leave dishes overnight.  Wash them.  If you have a dishwasher even better,  rince and stack the dishes away till you start a load. 

5) And finally,  take out the trash.  At the end of the day make sure you take out the trash.  You would not realise but it makes a huge difference. 
Hope you enjoyed these 5 tips. If you not already,  follow my blog so you don’t miss the fun! 


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