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7 ways to pay your debt… 

Hi Friends! 
With it being the beginning of the year and everyone makes new years resolutions, let one of them be to pay of your debt completely.  I understand how taxing it could be on you,  causes stress and makes a person miserable. I am here to solve or atleast help with the problem. 

Listening to a few friends, debt can draining and stressful.  And ignoring it won’t help the situation.  I came across few articles to help pay your debt quickly and efficiently.  Don’t get discouraged and don’t write it off ad hopeless. Paying off your debt is totally in reach,  the goal is to start. Have an attitude of gratitude!  Start loving your starting point. 

Hereunder are 7 ways to pay your debt off:

1) Access the damage 
2) Prioritize paying off your debt 
3) Pay more than the minimum 
4) Auto Payments
5) Go Cash Only
6) Put Bonuses towards debt
7) Cut down on few Luxuries for few months

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