Chit Chat

Hustle Hard Gurl… 

Hi Friends! 

This weekend something happened by an unfortunate accident but it has opened my eyes to a solution to my dilema of not having enough hours in my day! 

So Thursday evening my son had growing pains so it was a restless night for both of us.  Then at two in the morning my daughter decides that it wad time to wake up and play.  She then only slept at six that morning.  Yes friends,  at six.  So I thought I could sleep ( omg that idea sounded so good)  or I could get ups,  have a mocha and start the day (since its friday,  had to make friday lunch). 

So I did,  I got up early,  woke hubby for work,  we had breakfast and I had a headstart on my day.  The kids only woke pass 9 so I just basically had to change them,  teeth and breakfast. 

It felt so good to be ontop of things and this waking up early allowed me to have control of my day.  

That got me thinking to why do I complain that I can’t get things done yet I hold the key to a successful,  productive day ( minus the utter chaos we cannot control). 

So friends,  wake up an hour or half hour early and get a hold of your day,  hustle hard and be mad proud of your achievments. 

Hope you have an awesome productive week ahead!!  


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