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The time we had Date Night! 

Hi Friends, 

So yesturday,  me and the hubster celebrated our 7th Wedding anniversary.  A while back we agreed not to get each other anything. However,  lastnight hubby surprised me with the best gift ever. 

We had date night.  Just the two of us.  My lovely mother in law had the kids for the night.  Yes mommas, for the night!  Eeep you can imagine my excitement. 

We went to the Zone in Rosebank and had a lovely supper at Calistos.  It was perfect

 Just us,  no running after kids,  no looking what they up too,  no climbing on mummy.  We did however,  find ourselves talking about them.  But uninterrupted conversation with my man.  Best gift ever! 

Ladies,  I think we deserve a date night night every once in a while,  maybe even more often.  Just you and your partner,  reconnecting on a whole other level.  Its sexy,  fun and exciting! 

I know we have a lot on our plate,  but we should give our partners just as much affection,  they too need our undivided attention every now and then. 

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