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10 Things I would tell my 17 year old self! 

Hi Friends! 

So I have been thinking about posting something #InternationalWomansDay themed and thought,  well hey,  I am a woman,  a mom,  a wife,  a daughter,  a sister and a friend…who better to write then me,  right?? 

I also thought what would I say to 17 year old me.  The me before adulthood. The me before womanhood.  It goes right?  Lol So here goes!  

Dear Faaiza, 

Where to begin… Its me,  from 9 years from now. You are young,  beautiful and brilliant no matter what you think.  You are strong and a quick learner which comes in handy with what life throws at you in the future. 

Here are 10 things I would like you to know:

  1.  Marriage ain’t a walk in the park.  Yes we heard people say this and yes they right
  2. Appreciate your health before you get sick… Yes people told us this too and yes they are right
  3. Basically appreciate everything,  please… You have it good
  4. We become a kick ass mom,  pregnancy is the easy part and motherhood is the most challenging 
  5. Save your damn money! 
  6. We become MAJOR DC fan lol yes we love it more than marvel
  7. Be healthy,  eat proper and stop with takeout
  8. Start writing,  its our passion.  Don’t second guess yourself,  just write
  9. Read your namaaz on time and make time for quraan
  10. We get addicted to Greys Anatomy and yes,  we do kinda relate.. 

Oh and when someone says you’re beautiful,  believe them.  You are! 

Wishing you the best of luck! 

Your future self,  Faaiza


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