Top 5 Kid friendly restaurants in Jozi… 

Hi Friends!! 

Hope you well.  When taking the kids out to play,  we sometimes like to grab a bite.  And I am sure we can all relate when I say nothing cheers up a mom more than to sit and wait for your meal to be served than a placr that distracts the kids! 

Some restaurants are not kid friendly and frankly it just makes me wana get home faster.  However,  we came across a few restaurants that are kid friendly and here is my list of my favorite ones and my always go to places:

  1. Wimpy Fordsburg,  kid friendly play area plus,  great kiddi gifts
  2. Panarotis Trade Route Mall,  perfect set up! 
  3. Spur Fordsburg,  has a lady seeing to the kids
  4. Panarotis The Zone,  really fun activities with all the kids
  5. Jump,  not that we eat there but a great place for the kids to play and we can have a chill

    Hope this helps you next time you gone out with the kids! 


    4 thoughts on “Top 5 Kid friendly restaurants in Jozi… 

    1. You must definitely try the Papachino’s chain – huge play area! Lots of minders for the kids and an excellent menu.
      Also Fahrenheit is great – also a good menu and play area just slightly smaller than Papachinos.


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