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Behind every GREAT KID.. 

Hi friends, 

Hope you well!  Today we went to a park with the kids,  Delta Park in Linden.  Its a huge beautiful park where families come to braai (barbecue),  let their kids and dogs run around and the best part,  the kids playground and the beautiful scenery. 

The kids always love going to picnic at this park,  it really takes alot out of them that they both have naps on our way home! ( One of the reasons why we love taking them there) 

Today was no different,  they played,  laughed and had so much fun. However,  while I had been watching Zainab on the playground,  I could not help but notice a little girl,  not older than 6 years had got herself up high on the tree branch.  

I freaked out a little,  I mean this dolly,  who looks a little older than my son,  is up on a tree branch,  out of reach for any of us.  Other parents where concerned and asked if they needed help and the dad was like no but thanks,  we got this. 

And boi they did.  They were so encouraging towards her,  not at all shouting why did she go up there.  No,  these parents encouraged her and coached to her how to get herself down so they could reach her.  They coached her down and when she finally came down,  her dad said ‘ wow sweety,  see how high you were’ and this gave me a whole new outlook with Zainab,  to give her credit,  guide and coach her through life. 


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