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Assalamu alaykum Friends,

So it is finally here. The month which everyone has been anticipating. Ramadan, a beautiful month, explained in a nut shell; 

Ramadan is a month in which we learn to be compassionate to those less fortunate by fasting from the early hours to the evening (no food, nothing to drink). We learn self control by watching what we put in our bodies and by controling our indulgences. We learn to be selfless, patient and humble.

This month is so beautiful, it has a certain feel to it. The atmosphere is different, everyone is more united. You have most homes giving part of their iftaar (when we break the fast with tasty savoury and sweet treats) to a neighbor. People flock towards the musjids for prayers. The quraan is read and explained daily by our local scholars.

We believe it is a time Allah grants us special pardons for just participating. He also, accepts ours prayers even more quicly than any other time. 

So during this month let us take advantage and pray for all mankind, for all people, muslim and not. Families are suffering all around the world, we pray that all suffering finds ease and peace. We pray for the people of Palestine, Manchester, Syria, Africa, Korea, just to mention a few. 

We pray for our kids, our families, our society. Our safety and our happiness.

Yes, it is finally here. We make duaa that Allah accepts our efforts and make this month a means of turning back to His deen with steadfastness. Ameen.

I hope my little message finds you in the best of spirits. Remember me in your duaasโค

From me Faaiza, 
Ramadaan Mubarak !!


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