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First Fast | Daily Blogs

Assalamu alaykum Friends!
                  Summary of My Day

Day 1 of fasting is done and dusted. For the most part it went really well, the kids were great, I didn’t feel it much Alhamdulillah, even though we missed sehri. All coz momma had to be up with the lo,, she refused to sleep until it was 12… so help me…I missed the alarms so we couldn’t have our breakfast before Fajr ( the morning prayer). So, Tonight I got clever, she took a nap (what I mean by she took a nap, I made her sleep) around 7:30pm and woke by 8:00pm…so we played and played till 10:30. She is now sleeping as I type this. Won this round lol๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ˜‚

             What did I learn today?

That consistency is key. No matter how much we do at bursts at a time. What really matters is do little, change something small and be consistent.

I had also came across an extremely helpful video on how overthinking can be an addiction. An addiction being, we can’t control our thoughts. it alwaus leads to negative thinking, And to actually break this is to be in the moment, appreciate what you going through at that very moment, whether you doing dishes or reading. To focus all your conscious thoughts in what you actually doing at every moment in the day. 

                      Goals for Today?
When I break my fast to be mindful of what I eat and to cut down on my savouries and to indulge, in more healthier options. Had haleem, a nutritional lental soup ( I think) and have water and cut down on soda intake.
To be present, to focus on the now. To experience experiences. To consciously make a change.

May Allah accept our efforts โค





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