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Fifteenth Fast | Daily Blog Post

Assalamu alaykum Lovelies,

Wow, it had certainly been a minute hey? The fifteenth fast has arrived. It has been beautiful, stressful, busy…oh so busy these past two weeks.

We hear this all the time, time is just flying by. Yes, its been crazy hey. With zays erratic sleeping patterns to the suffering that Cape Town, Knysna and PE has been faced with. May Allah make it easy for all those families affected.

It puts things into perspective amd reminds us to be grateful for what we have. I complain that zay won’t sleep yet another mother cries because her lil daughter has no bed to sleep in. May Allah forgive us for our shortcomings. We praise Him for all our gifts.

My goals for these coming days is to be more present, appreciative and to proactively help people wherever I can. I think its important that we band together amd help those suffering wherever we can.

I have come across this Charity, Solace for Revert Muslim Woman in the UK, who helps reverts with financial aid aswell as help them stand strong on the new journey they have to go on. It is difficult for them as at times they thrown out of their homes, left with no support. 

With it being Ramadan, let us try and help asmuch as we can. Their details are as follows:

    May Allah accept insha-allah 💛
    Hope you Have a wonderful day and until next time.
    Masasalamah ❤🌸❤


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