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JULY | Monthly Habits with

Hi Ladies,

How are you? Hope that you are well! 

Some say to form a habit, one has to do the thing for about 21 days. So for a month we at will be focusing on one habit to inculcate into our lives to make our lives better😬❤

Since we entering already the second half of the year, we might find all those resolutions undone. So to move forward we need not be despondent about what we haven’t achieved yet, let us work towards instilling good habit and beviours! 🌸

             📆 JULY | Drinking Water 🍶

I’ve always wanted to drink more water, but somehow never got round to it, as there were always “more important” things to do. Something always pops up, the washing is done, the kids want a snack or a stranger asking for directions.

There are so many health benefits you can get from just drinking water. You loose weight, you cleanse your skin, you helping your organs run.

Now I know it is not easy to drink water, especially for us in South Africa, who is experiencing winter. The trips to the loo os so much work. But I guarantee it will make a huge difference. 

I will share with you a few ways to help you drink more water:

  1. Use a straw
  2. Buy a pretty bottle
  3. Set your alarm ever hour
  4. Drink a glass before a meal
  5. Every time you go to the loo, drink another glass
  6. Compete with a friend
  7. For every non water beverage, drink two cups
  8. Spice it up with either fruits and mints

These tips has helped me alot and I feel extremely grateful for having the privilege of getting clean water our kitchen. Water is a blessing❤

So drink your water! Just think, this time next month, you will be benefiting from all the amazing benefits of drinking water🌸

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Extending my warm wishes to you and your loved ones!

Momma Zai 🌸

   🌵 Be Grateful, Be Kind & Be Selfless 🌵

                    🌻 Come be my friend! 🌻


One thought on “JULY | Monthly Habits with

  1. I love the idea of this blog post! Can’t wait to read what August habits is going go be😁. Alhamdulilah I’ve started drinking more water too. I got myself a a 1lr bottle from New Balance and I try to drink 1 bottle up everyday for now. If I do 2ltrs per day my bladders feels like it’s about to explode, so 1ltr works fine for now.

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