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Self care | with

Hi Ladies,

How are you? Hope that you are well! One! It has been a minute! We at the end of August and it has been a struggle. From work to home…what can a mom say? The hustle continues errrday 🌹

To flourish we have to nourish!

A quote I came across not so long ago. And it makes complete sense. Being a SAHM, time flies by with the school runs to house chores to work! We need to be aware and implement a #selfcareroutine. You heard me, we have to take care of ourselves first in order to take care of our family❤

I have listed few ideas I would like to share with you! If you have any ideas please share with us in the comment section below✨

Let us focus this week on physical self care:

  1. Run a bubble bath when everyone is asleep. So you can have that peace Momma that you so deserve.
  2. Use a face mask. I personally love the minty ones. They so cool and leaves your face refreshed afterwards.
  3. Go for a walk in a near by trail or park.
  4. Take up a yoga or Pilates class.
  5. Drink your water.
  6. Eat healthy

Basically…do what makes your body feel good!

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Extending my warm wishes to you and your loved ones!

Momma Zai ✨

     🎇 Be Grateful, Be Kind & Be Selfless 🎇

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