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10 Facts about Me! |Chit chat with

Hi Ladies,

How are you? I can’t believe my blog has over 3000 views🙌 Thank you so much for the support 💞

 I thought it would fun to share 10 Facts about me lol so here goes:

  1. I enjoy the Harry Potter series…yes I am a huge fan and yes I think my letter got lost in the mail🤓 – I love reading…
  2. I am a mom of two little humans 👫
  3. I am terrified of clowns…I blame the movie IT
  4. I love DC over Marvel
  5. I love driving even though Johannesburg has the worst of traffic
  6. I hate insects but I love camping…Lol 
  7. I love rugby and I am a kiwi supporter😱…it’s the haka…From as long as I can remember I loved it💞 I do stand behind our team too✨
  8. I’m terrible at spelling
  9. I’m a boss at organising, cluttering and forming routines…Basically I’m a boss at time management lol
  10. Finally, I am surrounded by inspiring women and I am grateful for that🌹

Well that was my 10 Facts. Share with us facts about you!

Extending my warm wishes to you and your loved ones!

Momma Zai ✨

     🎇 Be Grateful, Be Kind & Be Selfless 🎇

                🌻 Come be my friend! 🌻




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