Sunday Motivation

Be Brave | Motivation with Momma Zai

Hey there guys!

So.Be Brave. Something I have been telling myself lately. Whether it is to go to the grocery store alone with my threenager or whether to forgive someone that may have hurt me.

Brave – is my word this month. Be brave…to love wholeheartedly, to forgive selflessly, to write again…be brave. Be brave to overlook mistakes. Be brave to try new things.

With being brave, it comes with a few other things, one in particular is you need a good, strong support system. People who root for you no matter what, people who will call you on your shit and not hide behind pleasantries. These people may not be family, they may be strangers that become like family.

Life is full of hurdles and obstacles, you gotta navigate through your life how you think is best and do it with your head high. Own it. Everything else and everyone else is irrelevant.

Whatever you going through, be brave. You are stronger than you think.

Hope you have a lovely week ahead๐ŸŒน

With best wishes,



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